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Class Action Lawsuits and the New iPhone

Few could have anticipated the events following the release of the new iPhone 4. Within days of its big release that had folks lining up outside retailers hours before it was slated to officially be sold, class action lawsuits began piling up. A. Harrison Barnes, lawyer and founder of LegalAuthority.com says there have been at least five classic action suits filed by the time July 1 rolled around. Apple currently is facing these suits in California, Texas and Maryland and resolves around the lack of reception in the devices cell coverage.

How To Write A Cover Letter For An Essay

One of the many annoyances that people get in this economic trough these days could well go to the one rejection after another of the cover letters. This recession has definitely left millions unemployed. Even the most talented and qualified people find it a much frustrating experience to send all those pointless cover letters which donò€™t even seem cause a ripple back . Do you have the same feelings when each time you want to send a cover letter in exactly the same way as before? Maybe all you need is a change.

10 Tips to Stop Budget Cuts Impacting Your Recruitment.

You would need to have been on Mars for the last year not to have realised that we are all going through a slightly tricky time economically, to say the least. The credit crunch has taken a big chunk out of employersò€™ budgets.


10 mistakes all EPSO-test candidates make.

"I can prepare for the exam in two weeks." Unless you"re a genius and don"t mind drinking ten Red Bulls a day, you will need at least two months to thoroughly prepare for the competition. EPSO will ask you many details, data and names that will take some time to memorize, especially if you first need to learn the basic institutional aspects of how the EU works. We advise making a day-to-day timeline for preparation with two days left for repeating challenging topics.


10 tips to help you find a job in Worcester using the Internet.

There are a lot of national websites dedicated to helping you find a job and these databases can narrow your search to a geographic area. Most of these sites are good at removing vacancies that have passed or been filled but it"s always a good idea to double check the deadline. You don"t want to waste time writing an application for the perfect job in Worcester only to discover that the deadline was last month. If you"re not sure, email the employer or pick up the phone!


3 Famous Engineers From Aerospace, Chemical And Electrical Engineering Backgrounds.

Wernher von Braun made a significant impact in the development and advancement of rocket technology in America and Germany.  However, some found his work very controversial because he did some work on a Nazi rocket programme and there was even a song written about him!  Wernher had an interest in space and astronomy from a very early age and his mother supported his interest by buying him a telescope.